Aug 17, 2017

Caramelized Cabbage on the Stovetop

Caramelized Cabbage is making a weekly appearance on our table.  It's super delicious and easy to make.
Start by thinly slicing a cabbage.  Usually I use half and put the remainder back in the produce bag for an even quicker meal prep the next time.

Heat a cast iron skillet to almost high -- like 8 on a scale of 10.  You want the skillet to be smokin' hot.  Then add a fat that can withstand heat.  I'm loving using avocado oil these days.  Ghee, lard or tallow would all be good choices, too.  Olive oil will smoke so I don't suggest that.  Don't be skimpy on the oil.  If you're stingy with the oil your food will stick.  Usually I'm stingy and eventually add more oil while it cooks.
When you add the cabbage, it should make a nice loud searing sound.  Maybe some popping and cracking.  Don't be afraid.  You want that sound.  It tells you the pan is hot.  Now let it sit.  Resist the urge to stir.  Sprinkle a hefty amount of sea salt on there.
Once it begins to smell quite fragrant then it's time to flip. I use tongs. Hopefully when you flip, you'll see some charred bits emerge.  That's where the yum is.  It's caramelizing!
If you find it sticking, add more oil.  Let it all sit again and caramelize on the bottom.
I repeat: resist the urge to stand and stir.  Let it sit and roast on the bottom then flip one spatula-full at a time.
When plating, serve an extra pat of butter on top.  Don't be afraid of fat.  Without fat, your body cannot absorb the minerals and nutrients you're eating.

On this night, we ate caramelized cabbage with Change Your Life Chicken.  Yes, it will change your life.  Add that recipe to your weekly line up.  (Phone camera:: chicken thighs are not as pink as they appear in this picture.)

If you're on Instagram, these pictures were originally in my Story.  Follow along for impromptu cooking lessons: @mommamajors


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Apr 29, 2017


Have y'all heard about a local service called WaterVeg?  They deliver LIVING lettuce to your door in Central Arkansas.  Check their delivery area here. You customize how frequent you want the delivery (once, twice or four times a month). No subscription or delivery fee and you can stop at anytime.  For those who are hesitant to jump in a FarmShare, this could be an option for you.

The lettuce really is exceptional. (I'm eating a salad right now.) 

A subscription would be a great Mother's Day gift -- or a fun a gift for that hard to buy for person. Details on their website. The lettuce farm is just off Colonel Glen here in Little Rock. 

Check them out! Spread the word. I'd love to see this entrepreneur get his feet off the ground!


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Mar 6, 2017

Classes, Recipe & Kickstarter

This is a longer post which includes:
1.  info on 3 classes
2.  a great recipe
3.  kickstarter

1.  Class ONE

Heard of muscle testing?  Some chiropractors use it to pre-determine how things (herbs, foods, etc.) react to your body.  Connie Newcome, Weston A. Price chapter leader from Kansas, will be teaching a class on this and other principles of health in Little Rock on April 8.

I have been to several seminars taught by Connie.  My first seminar by her was over 9 years ago, in Phoenix.  It was in that class that I was introduced to Nourishing Traditions.  My health journey jumped into overdrive from there.

The class includes teaching on the principles of getting and staying healthy naturally.  She will talk about why we get sick and how we get and stay well.  Connie will teach you how to muscle test, which is a simple, free method to determine health concerns, the whys and how to's to assist our bodies in getting well.  Spoiler alert: fever is a child's best friend; don't be afraid of fever, put down your Tylenol.

This class is for the person who wants to learn and be empowered to take care of their own health and that of their family's.  This can be an eye opening and valuable class.  It is not for the person who wants medical attention only.  You need not have a lot of home-remedies memorized but rather, open to the thought that your body can be healed by simple, non-prescriptive measures.

Connie, now a grandmother, has many years of helping people heal themselves naturally (me included).  Her husband was very sick in their early years of marriage.  Doctors couldn't give them answers so they were forced to pursue another route, which included herbs and natural modalities.  Connie's daughter is a very good friend of mine and has said,  "Growing up, if we wanted something white to eat we had to chew on a sheet!"  Meaning, no white sugar or white flour were found in their house.  Connie has been eating unprocessed foods all her life.

The cost of the class is $75 on Saturday, April 8.  Exact time and location are yet to be determined, as 10 people need to sign up to make it viable for her to make the trip to Little Rock.  So far 7 people have signed up. Contact Sarah Baker Wellons today to reserve your spot: sarahbakerwellons AT

Class TWO
Get Pickled With Cat!
Making Your Own Probiotic Pickled Veggies Using Fermentation
Date: Saturday, March 18th, 1-3pm
Location: Natural Grocers at 9210 N Rodney Parham, Little Rock
Details:   Learn how to make delicious, nutritious & naturally probiotic pickled (by fermentation) veggies.
TASTE TEST TOO! Find your favorite flavor profiles by sampling a range of fermented veggies ..for  free.  Be Good To Your Gut!!

"Eat Dills, Not (probiotic) Pills!"

{Unrelated: Have you tried Natural Grocer's store-ground almond butter? It is so yummy; I love the texture.  It is also currently on sale.  I love that store.}

If you can't make it to Cat's fermentation class on 3/18, perhaps you'd like to join an event at Moss Mountain Farm instead.  Here's a clip from her last appearance on his show, demonstrating how to make your own fermented dill pickles.

Birthday Celebration, Lunch & Tour with P. Allen Smith and Fermentation Demonstration by Cat Swenson
Thursday, March 9th, 10am-2pm at Moss Mountain in Roland, AR
Cost:  $96.75  includes tour of home & gardens, lunch & fermentation demo
RSVP here.
If you ever wanted to tour the amazing Moss Mountain Farm (as seen on TV on P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home show)…this is your chance!  And you get a veggie fermentation demo to boot.

2. A great recipe:

Change Your Life Chicken - make it, it will change your life.   Super fast to put together and super yum.  If you're on Instagram, this blogger is hilarious - especially in the InstaStories @thelazygenius. Occasionally I show what's shakin', bakin' and fermenting in my kitchen @mommamajors

3.  Kickstarter:

Tammy Sue's Critters needs help expanding. I've used her products for years.  Love the shampoo bar especially.   In fact, I went to a "Favorite Things Christmas Party" and her shampoo bar was one of my favorite things.  Tammy Sue has started a kickstarter campaign and I encourage you to check it out.  Go support her work and her cause.  You can support her cause at any level.  She has several packages to choose from -- If every reader just gave $2 we could knock this thing out.  It's a good cause, y'all.  Skip the Starbucks this week and empower a local producer.

What's new with you?  I'd love to try recipes you're loving.

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