Dec 23, 2010

New Azure Delivery Location in Central Arkansas

If you're unfamiliar with Azure Standard, and would like to save money on bulk and natural foods - keep reading...

Little Rock, Benton, Maumelle and Conway have a bulk ordering option.  It is called Azure Standard which delivers via semi-truck once a month.  I ordered for the first time in April 2010 and was pleased with the prices, quality, and service.  The pick-up was organized and quick.
In many instances, I could buy organic cheaper than conventional at Kroger or WalMart.  Along with bulk grains they offer fresh produce, frozen items, dairy, bulk grains and host of other things (think: what could I buy at Whole Foods? - but cheaper.).  EDIT:: Here's a list of what I buy.
You can place an order directly from their website or you can request a paper catalog to be sent to your home.  See what Lisa orders here.
If you want to order, go to the website and set up an account.  You will be sent an e-mail telling how to activate your account.  (I never got an e-mail so I called and a very pleasant representative activated it for me).  After the account is activated you can view all the inventory and prices.  You can put anything you are interested in into a “favorites” basket, then go back later to decide what items you want to put in your cart.  
When you check out you will need a truck code which depends on where you’d like to pick up your order. 

I try to keep this list updated. If anyone has new information please email me:
 luvmyhub AT gmail DOT com

Maumelle pickup is at New Life Church (8000 Crystal Hill Rd.), not far from the 430 exit. Leah is the coordinator of that drop point.  Email her {indianheadlake AT} to find out the code you will need to order.

West Little Rock (WLR) pick up is in the south east corner of the parking lot of FamilyLife at 5800 Ranch Dr (can be seen off Hwy 10 near the Bible Church). The coordinator there is Debra Richardson.  Email her {deb-bryanrich AT juno DOT com} to find out the ordering code for WLR.

Conway: Contact Tracy McNair: mcnairfamily AT hughes DOT net if you order for the Conway delivery - in a vacant parking lot on Dave Ward Road and Highway 286 at Amity Road.

Bentonat Gateway Church, 1201 W. Longhills Rd.  The new drop coordinator is Traci Craft:   tracinotes AT aol DOT com
  •  Items are paid for on-line. CODs are not accepted.  Azure has an 8.5% delivery charge for purchases on our route but they do not charge sales tax.  
  • When the weather is warm, arrive on time so that your order doesn’t bake in the sun.  
  • The drop site coordinator is notified of delays, one of the reasons you would want to email one of the women, above.   
  • Each participant picks up their own order, unless they arrange for someone else to do it. If you do not make it to the drop site in time to pick up your order, the site coordinator will take your order to her home.  There is a 5% fee for this service.
  • If your order is less than $50, there is a $5 surcharge.  Or, avoid this by combining your order with a friend's. 
  • The driver unloads the food for the drop site.  It is then sorted and divided up and loaded into vehicles by those who meet the truck.
  •  When I’ve ordered something that didn't come on the truck (it was out of stock), my credit card was not charged.


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  1. Is this info still accurate for the Little Rock area?

  2. Aleigh - yes, I think so. Have you had problems with any of the info?

  3. No. I wanted to make sure since the post was two years old. I will try emailing tonight.



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