Jun 15, 2011

Batch Cooking - Baking Day

Thus far, we've made 40 whole wheat tortillas, EIGHT batches of baked oatmeal, waffles and four batches of pancakes.   On the stove is a big-o-pot of potatoes for mashed potatoes.

Today's helpers are 13 & 15 year old sisters.  They enjoy helping in the kitchen but especially love the baby time.
Rachel on dish duty; Rebecca with tortillas & HB with pancake batter.
Don't ya love HB's apron?  She gets to wear my son's robot apron since she forgot hers at home.
HB kickin' with 2 waffle makers.
If you're in the market for a waffle maker, HB swears by this one.  The waffles come out crispy, like at Waffle House.  Not that we would know what waffles from Waffle House taste like...
8 batches of baked oatmeal in 4 large bar pans.  We added shredded zucchini to all of them.
EDIT: here's how we packaged the baked oatmeal for the freezer.

The most flattering picture of the day - we're trying to pour coconut oil from a 5 gallon bucket into a measuring cup.

Keepin' it real - and linking to Kelly the Kitchen Kop.
Julie & HB

To see what we made the last batch cooking day - click here.

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  1. How do you store the baked oatmeal until you are ready to eat it?

  2. Lindsay - I answered your question in a post here



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