Food Sources

If your farm or local business would like to be added to this page, please contact Julie: luvmyhub AT gmail DOT com.

Certified Arkansas Farmers Market NLR (Sat.)
Little Rock Farmers Market - aka River Market in downtown LR
ASN Local Food Club - order on-line, pick up Sat. morning downtown LR)
Farm 2 Work - order on-line if you work at UAMS, Blue Cross Blue Shield, or ABC Financial.  They also have general delivery to Eggshells (in the Heights) and Kitchen Co. (Pleasant Ridge)
Hillcrest Farmers Market
Arkansas Homegrown Market (Sat., Tues. and Thurs.)

Some differences between the River Market and the Certified Arkansas Market are here.

(Most of these farms can be found at the Certified Arkansas Farmers' Market and/or ASN Local Food Club)

Farms which are certified organic or self-report that they are chemical free:
(Question: If a farm doesn't use chemicals, why doesn't it get organically certified?  Possible Answers:  paperwork, $$$, doesn't meet organic standards, general disdain for government interference.  The best way to find out how your food is grown is to ask your farmer and visit his farm.)
Farms which grow conventionally (use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and/or herbicides):
(no hormones or antibiotics) –ask individual farmers about supplemental feeds in addition to grass. You can find an article on how to buy in bulk and some questions to ask here.  You can find out what to do with a whole chicken here.
Cove Creek Acres 
War Eagle Creek Farms

K-Bee Honey Larry Kichler 501-833-0649

Honeysuckle Lane Cheese – raw cow’s milk cheeses (some non-organic supplemental feed, no hormones or antibiotics) - also has fresh raw goat's milk available for on farm pick-up
Tammy Sue’s Critters (Goats are fed an unmedicated grain mix and hay.)

Circle H Farm, 582 Whitfield Rd. Pearcy, AR  71964 Hm: 501-760-1070 Cell: 501-627-4699 E-mail:

Honeysuckle Lane Cheese - see info above

Edible Landscaping:
Shuffield Lanscape & Victory Gardens LLC - Christian Shuffield 501-285-5017 for lanscaping jobs including edible landscaping
Restaurants we like in Central Arkansas:

Argenta Market

Bulk Buying:

Azure Standard
    - How Azure Works in Little Rock, Maumelle, and Conway

  Lisa's Bulk Buying List

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