Mar 21, 2012

Green Clouds of Pollen: Fighting Allergy Season Naturally


by Erin
Since we are in full-blown allergy season here in Little Rock, I wanted to share a tidbit that I discovered a few days ago.

I was starting to have sinus pressure and headaches on Friday.  Having had my first sinus infection a few months ago, I was desperate to avoid that scenario.  I recently read an article that said humming was very good for sinus health, so I hummed in the van as I was running errands and then hummed again at home that night.  I hummed for about 5 minutes at a time periodically all afternoon and evening... so maybe a total of 30 minutes to 1 hour.  I woke up Saturday morning with zero sinus pressure and no headache.  I had taken no medications or other remedies at all.  I love this remedy because it's easy for kids to do too.  Here's to happy sinuses!

Something more to think about: Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist says it's not pollen that's the problem.  Read here for more.

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  1. The pictures are a great addition (and totally hilarious!). Thanks, Julie!

    We have 3 very large water oak trees in our backyard. The "oak worms" were rolling off our roof and onto our front sidewalk in huge soccer ball-size clumps. Gross.

  2. Only recently did I learn how many spots in our own houses can harbor allergy-provoking irritants. If we paid more attention to these places we would be better protected from the negative impact they have on our health. My children are prone to allergic reactions and that’s why I’ll definitely choose some of the allergy-fighting products available in the market to protect them during this full-blown allergy season.



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