Jun 17, 2012

VIDEO: Mayo Making for Dummies

I've had lots of failed batches of homemade mayonnaise.  However, I think I've finally cracked the code.  A friend of mine told me her secret: there's a hole in the top of a Cuisinart just for mayo making.  Genius.  This tiny little hole regulates the flow of oil.  Many batches of mayo have been ruined because I have not been patient enough to pour slowly.

If you have one of these machines, you really ought to try making mayonnaise.  It's so easy.

My ingredients:
2 pastured egg yolks (not sure I would do this with grocery store eggs)
~1 generous teaspoon mustard
1.5 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar, preferably raw
1 Tablespoon whey*
pinch of salt - to taste
dash of garlic powder
slowly add ~1 cup oil*

If you use whey* for lacto-fermentation let your final product sit unrefrigerated for 7 hours to incubate before refrigerating.
*Oil - I used 3 kinds of oil for a couple of reasons. I wanted to use a quality cold pressed extra virgin olive oil for the good omega-3s but didn't want my mayo to taste like olive oil. So I also used safflower and grapeseed oils, which are milder tasting but not as good for me.

I will be so bold to say that even if you use canola oil, homemade mayonnaise is so much better for you than the store-bought counterpart because you can use pastured egg yolks as well as lacto-fermenting it to boost the nutrition level.

*Whey - people often ask, "Where do I buy the whey?"  Well, you don't buy it separately at the grocery store.  You can buy a quality yogurt and drip it out - Lisa explains in this post how she does it.  For the above batch of mayonnaise, I used whey from a jar of lacto-fermented banana peppers = delicious.

It should be noted that you do not have to use whey to make mayonnaise.  However, if you decide to use it - it will boost the nutritional value exponentially, as well as extend the refrigerator life.  Without using whey, the mayo will last about a week in the fridge.  If you use whey it will last much longer.  I can't say how much longer because I make small batches and use it up before it goes bad.

If you're a Miracle Whip lover {I'm cringing here, I think that stuff is gross!} just add some sugar to the initial whip.

Click here to view the video if you're reading this in an email.

See also this post by GNOFLINS on lacto-fermenting mayonnaise.


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  1. What about using coconut oil? Would that work? My husband and I have been thinking about trying to make mayo for awhile now...maybe it's time we just did it!

    1. I'm sure you could use coconut oil (as long as it starts out in the liquid form.) From what I've read, the mayo will have a slight taste of coconut and will harden when you refrigerate it. If those things don't bother your palate, then use it! Coconut oil is soooo good for us!

  2. If you have a stick blender you might want to try that for a change. It is SO fast and I have yet to have a fail!

    1. I have tried making mayo with a stick blender and have had varied results. I think my problem is that I have a tendency to rush the oil - which is why I love the food processor slow drip method. If the stick blender works for you - wahoo!! Here's to more homemade mayo!



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