Mar 27, 2013

Eye Exams for Babies

Many optometrists do free vision exams for babies ages 6-12 months old through the InfantSEE program.

My baby is almost three months old and occasionally his eyes are crossed or are not aligned with each other.  A quick internet search tells me that this is not abnormal, yet if this continues after four months of age I should check into it.

A friend of mine works as a private educator with children who struggle with learning and behavior.  She told me that a vision exam by someone knowledgeable about visual development is a good idea for all children - not just those with crossed eyes. A lot of development depends on good vision – and the InfantSEE program makes such an exam free.  [My friend recently wrote a blog post about vision and learning.]

Many times developmental optometrists are able to identify problems that pediatricians are not trained to observe.  Dr. Franks in Bryant (phone: 501.847.9797) is one of the optometrists in central Arkansas who participates in the InfantSEE program.  He is good with kids and does regular eye exams for babies.  Because he is a developmental optometrist, he is trained to know exactly what visual skills are appropriate at what age.

As with most things, early intervention can make a big difference.  If you have a baby -or know someone with a baby- please tell them about the InfantSEE program.


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