Sep 4, 2012

Homemade Baby Formula Testimonial

by guest blogger, Sarah Baker Wellons

I’ve always been interested in health and nutrition, but it wasn’t until my son, Noah, was born that I became adamant about real food. I wanted the absolute best for him and of course, it was going to work according to “my plan.”

This plan of mine included breastfeeding until at least the age of one and never, ever, ever (did I say never?) would I feed him commercial formula. To me this was the ultimate failure of my motherly duties if I had to resort to the plastic carton of powdered milk.

Well one cold January night I found myself sitting in a hotel room, not enjoying my vacation, while my three month old son screamed his lungs out because he was hungry. For weeks, I had pumped myself to death, eaten all the foods that were supposed to help my milk supply, and was downing as much water as possible.

However, this was to no avail because my stress and anxiety level was through the roof and all mommies know that stress affects your milk supply.  So I was at a crossroad… either let my baby scream and be hungry because I had to make “my plan” succeed or supplement.

Considering I had never seen a baby die because of eating commercial formula, I decided I would do it. To my surprise, Noah stopped crying and became a more content baby with a full tummy.

While the formula helped my stress level at first, I still didn’t have a peace about feeding it to him. Matter of fact, I was wrestling with it every day, wishing there was another option.

I hated reading the back of the Enfamil package with an ingredients list as long as a novel, and most of which I could not even pronounce. I also knew the dangers of soy and didn’t want Noah exposed to it at all, much less in that amount. But again, I thought it was the only option.

Then my friend Julie told me about homemade formula and it has changed baby Noah’s life.

When I first heard about homemade formula, I thought there was no way I would be able to do something like that. I thought I was not qualified enough or educated enough on this to try it.

However, I have been pleasantly surprised at the simplicity and ease of it. I use the homemade formula recipe from Nourishing Traditions. There are also videos on this link so that you can watch a mom make the formula in her kitchen.

Sarah Baker making homemade baby formula.
The ingredients can be gathered on your own at health food stores but some of the items you will have to order. I found the easiest option is to order the ingredients from Radiant Life because they have a homemade formula kit that you can purchase with everything you need.  The only thing it does not include is raw milk, cream and whey.  I did not have regular access to raw cream, so I omitted it from his formula.

Every baby is unique in what their body needs so you can tailor it specific to your baby. For example, when I first started the formula, Noah was having diarrhea.  So I omitted the vitamin c and his upset tummy settled.

Another trial and error I experienced was with the yeast flakes. Yeast flakes are full of b12 which is so good for your baby but they caused some vomiting for Noah so I omitted those as well.

Some positives I saw immediately.  First was Noah’s demeanor.  He was content, happy, and relaxed. He guzzled down his bottle at feeding time and absolutely loved the taste.

Next I noticed an improvement in an overactive tear duct that was constantly draining and oozing since the time he was born. The doctor had given him eye drops which did nothing, but two days after starting the formula, it was completely healed.

One time he had an allergic reaction to my parent’s dog and his face was starting to break out. I fed him his bottle and I literally watched the red spots go down as he was eating.

If he has a cold or runny nose, I can boost the nutrition by doubling the probiotic and vitamin c.

It is so comforting to know exactly what goes into his formula (and it there is no soy!)  Noah has now been on the formula for 7 months and he is a healthy 22 pound, 10 month old boy.

Friends and family always comment on his peaceful and relaxed demeanor and I attribute a lot of this to the homemade formula. He has thrived on it and I am loving watching him learn and grow.  Even though “my plan” didn’t work out like I thought it was supposed to, the Lord provided and I am very thankful.

Sarah Baker Wellons

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