Feb 3, 2013

Reader's Question: Where to Get Eggs?

Frequently I (Julie) am asked, "Where can I find pastured eggs?"  Today I received such a question and typed out a fast response then decided to post it here.  I'd love to hear in the comments where you source your eggs.  This is the time of year when it can be a challenge to find a good egg.

Options for finding pastured eggs in central Arkansas:

1. I get mine through a "farm share."  I think I've told you about picking up my veggies once a week.  I also get a dozen eggs.    I can't remember what I paid for the egg share, but I think it averages out to be about $4.50/doz.  The good thing about buying an "egg share" is that you've got first dibs on eggs...which are sometimes hard to find this time of year.  (Because the days are shorter and temps are lower, the girls just aren't as productive....)

2.  You can buy from an on-line farmers' market like this one (pick up Saturday) or this one and pick up is Wednesday.

3. Find a neighbor who raises chickens.

4.  I saw today at Whole Foods organic eggs from chickens on pasture.

The key to healthy eggs is for the hens to have access to real bugs and green grass...this is where the good vitamins and minerals are.  The egg cartons that say "free range" or "cage free" are probably from chickens squished into a nasty smelling warehouse.  This article gives more details.

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  1. its very hard to find (locally) truly pastured chickens that are being fed organic feed. what is the benefit of a pastured chicken if it is kept in a fenced area where the grass has been run out and they are fed "all natural" potentially GMO feed? that is what i am finding being sold at ALFN and I'm etting a little frustrated trying to find truly organic, truly pastured eggs...

  2. My favorite eggs are Farm Girl Natural Foods from Conway Locally Grown.



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