Feb 4, 2014

'Bucha Baby

People often ask me, "When can I start giving kombucha to my kids?"

I start giving sips shortly after their first birthday.  As when introducing any new food, baby or adult, go slowly at first to make sure the body can tolerate it.  If the gut is sterile or compromised, a person will not be able to drink as much kombucha as a person with diversity of probiotics in their belly.  (One of my mom's friends drank too much *several glasses of komucha the first time* and spent the rest of the evening on the toilet.)  Go slowly and build up.  :)

My baby looooves kombucha.  In fact, this morning, he refused to eat any breakfast until he had a drink.
 At first he sipped through a straw but quickly let us know he wanted the glass to his lips.
My big kids weren't all that excited now that Baby is getting kombucha.  This means their portions are rapidly decreasing.  I have to ration the komucha because everybody wants to drink it!  I told my oldest son he could start making it for the family.  He decided maybe he could share after all.


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  1. Don't forget that many kombucha products contain more than 0.5% alcohol by volume.



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