Apr 5, 2014

Geek Eats & Bernice Market (Sundays)

I went to two markets today - Hillcrest and Argenta - similar yet different in their offerings.  First I stopped in North Little Rock, to buy from Tammy Sue's Critters.  I love her shampoo bar and goat's milk lotion.  While there, the flowers were screaming at me to take them home.  Geraniums won out.

At the end of the row of vendors was Geek Eats who had samples to taste of the available flavors.  I'd been reading about their tantalizing concoctions in the Arkansas Local Food Network emails.  Jeremy, the owner and creator, specializes in hummus.  Of course he makes "original" but doesn't stop there.  How about chipotle, carrot curry, fresh rosemary and black bean, caramelized onion & Italian herb, spicy Sriracha and my personal favorite (that's not hummus): cilantro almond pesto.

You can eat it with a spoon.  It's just that good.

My husband saw it on the counter and helped himself.  He exclaimed, "This stuff is gooooood!"  No prompts necessary.

As I was typing this post, a friend texted from the farmers market with a picture of the cilantro almond pesto and said, "Best find at the market.  YUM."

If you failed to make it out to either Argenta or Hillcrest today (Geek Eats sold at both locations), you'll find them tomorrow, Sunday, from 10am-2pm at the Bernice Garden Farmers Market.   Tomorrow is opening day at the Bernice Garden Farmers Market.


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