Apr 16, 2014

How To Cut A Mango

I don't remember where I learned this but every time I cut a mango, I think, "The world needs to know about this trick!"  And so, I took pictures as I cut up yesterday's mango.  
First, choose your mango.  They come in two varieties (that I've found in central Arkansas.)  The one on display is yellow.  However, you will also find a red and green fleshed mango, too.  I think they taste similarly sweet if they are ripe.  How does one know if it is ripe?  It needs to be firm with a bit of a give.  If too firm, or rock hard like a baseball, it is not ripe.

Using a paring knife, cut top to bottom, slightly off center.  There is a giant pit, or seed, in the center.  Go slow and feel your way around the pit.  If you feel there is too much resistance going clockwise, then try the counterclockwise.
 I try to cut as close as I can to the pit so as to remove as much flesh as possible.  Below you can see a bit of the white pit on the left.

Now for the cutting.  I usually score it in thirds from top to bottom.  Try to cut to the skin but not through it.
Then score it again perpendicular to your first cuts.
Here's where I wish for a third hand - or at very least a friend to take pictures.  Imagine two hands below with thumbs pushing the bottom of the mango so that the mango is no longer concave but convex.

 Now it is easy to remove the flesh in pretty little cubes.
Repeat with the second half.

Because I don't like wasting any food, I scrape the pit as clean as possible.  

Remove the remaining skin - as you would peel an apple or potato.
 Then slice off any remaining flesh.  These pieces will not be as uniform but they are just as tasty.
And this is what's left of the mango.  I had a neighbor who enjoyed gnawing on the pit.  While I agree it is delicious, I hate the feeling of mango bits between my front teeth.

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  1. I have to wear gloves when handling mango. Mangoes are in the same botanical family as poison ivy so the skin/peel contains urushiol, a skin irritant. I learned the hard way. :/ Still love to eat the flesh, though. Thanks for the tips!



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