Jul 13, 2014

How to Cut a Watermelon for a Party

A friend showed me how to do this a few years ago.  It's genius.  Everyone gets a slice and you don't spend ten years cutting it up.  It can be done for a watermelon or cantaloupe.

First you buy a melon from your farmers market.  This one came from Laughing Stock Farms.
Then you lop off both ends.  It helps to have a sharp knife.  I love my Global.
Cut it in half and lay one (big side) face down.
Cut a wedge.
Make slices all around, like the spokes of a wheel.
Put a bowl on top of the melon.  If you have a cute or fancy bowl, the melon will taste better.
Now flip.  You could do this with a cutting board or a cookie sheet.

Invite your hungry friends to join you.

Anyone want to guess hold old that picture is?  This post was originally published four years ago.

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