Jul 11, 2014

Ant ANTic Anecdote?

At the beginning of every summer for several consecutive years, the sweet ants raid my kitchen.  They are quite annoying.  You know those tiny little things that are drawn to any crumb or spill even remotely sweet?

When ants invaded this year, I set out a small spoonful of cornmeal.  I'd read this anecdote on the internet somewhere.

{Did you know the countertop spray 409 will kill ants instantly?  For that reason, 409 is considered bug spray in our home.  I do not clean countertops with poison.}
 For hours the ants worked feverishly carrying off the golden mound.  By dark their numbers had dwindled.  The next morning their work resumed around 8:30.  I was a bit skeptical the cornmeal would work, when at 10am they were marching around in legions. But by noon, which was about 24 hours after placing the cornmeal in my window sill, they were almost gone.
It's been several days and they are still gone.

The next time you have an ant infestation, try a mound of cornmeal.  It's not poison.  And it just might work.


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1 comment:

  1. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing that, Julie.



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