Sep 12, 2014

Local Eats: Terri-Lynn's

Super close to my house is Terri-Lynn's, a yummy barbecue place on Rodney Parham.  I'm a bit ashamed to admit that it wasn't until we moved into the neighborhood a few years ago that I had my first sandwich from Terri-Lynn's.  If you haven't been there, put it on your list of places to eat.  They've been dishing up lunches for over 51 years.

Recently I sat down with owners Aaron and Kristin Hether and grilled them about their restaurant.  To be more precise, we sat on a swing in their back yard and laughed at their chickens while talking food stuff.  The Hethers live in my neighborhood and are close enough to walk to their restaurant.  Our kids play together at the neighborhood pool.  Good people, I tell ya.
Of all the things on the Terri-Lynn's menu, when I asked culinary-trained Aaron his favorite, he said, "Oh probably one of the deli sandwiches."

What?!  And not the in-house smoked BBQ?!  I was shocked.  Because I love their beef BBQ sandwiches, with house made baked beans and potato salad.  

Aaron explained, "Most people (especially in the south) have a certain expectation of barbecue --texture and taste.  If they're in the restaurant for the first time I want them to have an original sandwich.  If they try the BBQ and it isn't what they expect in BBQ, they might not come back.  If they try one of the other sandwiches, they're sure to be back."   

Makes sense to me.

So what is his favorite? The "Lu Lu" which is new to the menu --sliced smoked brisket steamed with pepper jack cheese and onions served on toasted French bread with ranch dressing and a side of hot au jus...and the au jus is made in house.  My mouth is watering just typing that out.

One of the healthy things I learned about Terri-Lynn's is that Aaron uses tallow (traditionally rendered-in-house beef fat) in their tamales, instead of the industrial garbage called shortening.  

When extended family comes into town and I don't feel like cooking, I swing in Terri-Lynn's and get a couple pounds of chopped beef BBQ and pulled pork. It's my favorite BBQ in town, hands down.  If you are looking to impress at your next tailgating party, call ahead and order your people some Terri-Lynn's.  You're sure to be the life of the party.

Oh and dessert? Splurge at lease once and try the chocolate chess pie or the double chocolate brownies.  Or heck, try them both.  Tell them Julie sent ya.

You can read the full menu here.  They also have a fun commercial here.

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