Sep 8, 2014

Simple Carrot and Jicama Salad

Someone told me a local Mexican restaurant was serving this salad and that I should try it.  She said it was really good.  Just shredded carrots and jicama --nothing else.

So I tried it.

I liked it!

The next time you're looking for a side dish to serve with a Mexican meal, shred some carrots with a peeled jicama.
Jicama - image source
Jicama can be found with other roots in the refrigerated produce section.  It has a crispy crunch and taste of an apple with mild tones of celery and onion.  It is considered a prebiotic, which feeds the probiotics in your gut.  Other prebiotics include raw garlic and onion.

Another salad I like to serve with Mexican food is simply green lettuce and jicama (peeled and julienned).  The dressing I use is equal parts honey and lime juice (or lemon) mixed with two parts olive oil, with salt to taste.


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