Dec 28, 2015

Chicken and Collards Pilau (easy & delish)

A foodie-friend of mine with small children passed along this recipe for Chicken and Collards Pilau.  I made it within the week of her recommendation and wonder why I waited so long.

Everyone in my family liked it.

It's a one dish wonder and comes together rather quickly.  Win-win!!

After reading the recipe you can see it is quite versatile.  I used kale instead of collards, doubled the pork (used Italian sausage) and reduced the amount of chicken.   I omitted the celery because I didn't want to make another trip to the store and used homemade chicken broth instead of vegetable broth. Next time I will use two bunches of greens instead of one.  I think mushrooms would be nice in this too.

Does anyone follow a recipe exactly?  :)

A word about pork: if you are not able to buy local pork, consider purchasing at Whole Foods or other reputable source.  Industrially raise pork is given routine doses of antibiotics whether or not the animal needs it.  The residual antibiotics in the meat is transferred to your body.   If you ever need to take an antibiotic, you don't want to have a tolerance built up to antibiotics because of the meat you're eating.

If you're looking for a new-easy-yummy dish to add to your repertoire put this one on the list.  Don't wait more than a week or you will be kicking yourself.


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