May 24, 2010

Small Beginnings: Where Do I Start?

This week's Small Beginnings is written by Laura Fiser.  Last week we heard from Rita O'Kelly, the week before from Lisa Lipe.

Real Food: What to Eat and Why(1)  Watch the movie Food, Inc.(DVD or Netflix) and read Real Food by Nina Planck --to discover importance of transitioning your family to a more nourishing way of life.  Change requires motivation!
(2) Find sources for nutrient dense foods.  Little Rock's Locally Grown Food Club is a great place to start buying pastured eggs, grass fed meat, and organic fruits and vegetables.  
(3)  Gradually move away from processed foods-- start by taking 1 or 2 processed foods you normally buy and learn to make them from scratch or to substitute a whole food in it's place.  A couple of easy ideas: learning to make your own salad dressing and replacing boxed cereals with eggs or smoothies for breakfast.
(4)  Eat real butter--a good fat!  Some other good fats are olive oil and coconut oil.  Avoid refined vegetable oils, margarine, and spreads--even the "healthy" blends.
(5)  Add cod liver oil to your daily routine.  Refer to the Weston A. Price website for the numerous health benefits and brand recommendations.  It's especially good for babies and children.
(6)  Eat probiotic rich foods like yogurt, kefir, and live cultured vegetables daily.  Good gut bacteria are our first line of defense against illness and disease!
(7) Connect with other people who are attempting to move toward more traditional ways of food preparation for encouragement and support!

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  1. Fresh is also a good movie. And anything Joel Salatin has written is a good book.

  2. Oh, I would love to see that movie! We have talked about wanting to have a local screening this summer, if possible. Where did you see it?



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