May 17, 2010

West Little Rock Farmers Market - Today!

It is very exciting that west Little Rock now has a farmers market! On Mondays you can bring home fresh produce if you stop by from 2pm until 5pm (or when customers cease shopping) at the corner of Hinson and Napa Valley, across from Pulaski Academy and down the hill from the library.

Today was the second week of the market and all three farmers said it has been a positive experience.

Below is Kelly, from North Pulaski Farms which is a certified organic farm.  He also has a blog and is on Facebook.  Today's offering from Kelly included lettuce, cucumbers, squash and zucchini.

Laughing Stock Farms had some delicious looking strawberries, yellow squash, cucumbers, and red potatoes.  He hopes to have green beans next week.

Sam, from The Garden @ Becky Lane (chemical free) was offering beautiful lettuce, fresh herbs of all kinds, and garlic bulbs.  He also was selling raw cheese from Honeysuckle Lane.

I came home with a little something from all the farmers, and encourage you to stop by, too.

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