Oct 23, 2010

Eat Fat Lose Fat

This is an email response from a local reader, after Lisa and I recommended the book Eat Fat Lose Fat.  You can see other book recommendations here.

Eat Fat, Lose Fat: The Healthy Alternative to Trans FatsThanks for pointing me to Eat Fat Lose Fat!  I am devouring it.  I feel like the heavens opened up and explained the mystery of life to me.  HaHa…okay…not quite …but CLOSE!

Where I was dabbling in some of this before I feel like I am ready to wade deeper now and feel very motivated to incorporate these principles.  I am not finished with the book yet because for some reason children need feeding and schooling and husbands expect acknowledgement…otherwise I’d have finished it within 24 hours!  Anyway, thanks so much!  I am a believer for sure!  -Melissa
After reading that book, people often ask me (Julie) where I buy coconut oil.  There is a difference in coconut oils.  The most important thing is to buy unrefined coconut oil.  Refined coconut oil is used for cosmetic (or external) purposes.  I buy unrefined, virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil on-line from Mountain Rose Herbs (MRH) in a five-gallon bucket.   Our family uses about a gallon every two months.  Coconut oil has a two-year shelf life and does not need to be refrigerated.  It is much cheaper to buy it on-line than at Whole Foods, and I think MRH is a better quality oil than anything at Whole Foods.  Lisa Lipe buys the gold label coconut oil from Tropical Traditions.  I've used both oils from MRH and TT and both are quality oils.

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