Oct 7, 2010

What's New on the Blog

The great majority of our readers receive new blog posts in their email inbox.  If you are an email (or Google) reader, you may be unaware of  recent updates on the blog.

Across the top of the blog there are different pages you can click on.  For instance, if you wanted to see a list of farmers - click on "Sources."  At the bottom of that page is also information on bulk ordering from Azure Standard and Country Life.

Another page recently added is called REAL Milk Videos.  Sally Fallon, the Weston A. Price Foundation president, explains the safety, health, economic and legal issues surrounding raw milk.  Raw (or real) milk is a pillar of the WAPF philosophy.  If you've never thought about pasteurized versus raw milk, these videos could be an eye opener to you.  If you drink raw milk and your relatives think you're weird, the videos could be helpful for persuasive talking points at dinner.

Also to help expand your horizons is a list of books on its own page.  All of the recommended books can be found in the Central Arkansas Library System.  Some of them you'll want to add to your Amazon wish list, I'm sure.

Of course, if you're looking for recipes - we've tried to "label" them all.  In the far right column, if you scroll down a bit, you'll see LABELS.  You can click on a host of subjects that catorgize past posts.  Not only will you find recipes but you can read previous articles with labels like "Meet Your Farmers" or lacto-fermenting.

Last but not least is a page created by former WAPF chapter leader, Rita O'Kelley.  She compiled a list of Complementary and Alternative Resources from suggestions from friends and readers alike.  Among other things, you'll find recommendations for chiropractors, dentists, and massage therapists in central Arkansas.

Six-months ago this blog was just a fun idea.  It has really blossomed!  I'll be the first to say - the writers of this blog have had a grand time writing about one of our favorite subjects, real food.

Thank you for being supportive in our journey.  Thank you for encouraging us.  Thank you for being patient with us as we iron out wrinkles!  Most of all, thank you for being responsive.  We love comments on the blog but the greatest compliment of all is when you tell friends and family what you're learning about real food.  "Like" us on Facebook or tell others to subscribe to Real Food in Little Rock.

 - Julie

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  1. Well said, Julie. Thanks to everyone for your encouragement!



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