Apr 11, 2011

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is Back!

If you caught the first season of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, you know that Jamie is on a mission to change the way school children across America eat. I watched every episode last season and have been looking forward to season 2 which premiers tomorrow, Tuesday April 12 8/7c on ABC. Here’s a little information from Jamie’s “Food Revolution Team” about the upcoming series: For the past few months, Jamie has been working in Los Angeles making season two of his TV show, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. What he wants to know is: “Why can’t we do better for our kids?”Jamie is still asking questions about the quality of school meals, and asks LA’s parents for support to challenge the LAUSD to do better. He cooks with LA teens and uses a science class to get them thinking about what’s in their food. They tell him they’re scared for their families – they’re sadly at risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease because of the processed food they’re eating. He also dips into the powerful world of fast food and industrial ingredients. We’ve got to work together to turn the Food Revolution into a movement powerful enough to challenge big organizations and change lives across America. Our kids need to grow up on a diet of fresh, wholesome food, knowing what they’re eating and where it comes from; otherwise they’re facing a very tough and unhealthy future. This season, Jamie's bringing the Food Revolution to Los Angeles - but to create lasting change, we need your help to bring it home. Jamie Oliver is passionate and entertaining. My whole family has enjoyed the show. Click here for a preview. Lisa

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