Apr 13, 2011

Easter Parties

All the high-fructose-corn-syrup and artificial colors of Easter causes my real-food lovin' self to scream.

This year my family is hosting an Easter Egg Hunt for our street and I decided to go against the flow when filling the eggs.

Yes, I bought some chocolate - but most of the eggs are filled with change or silly bandz.   The prizes I bought for the games are not candy.  When I returned from Target my son was very excited about the prizes (and the boy has a sweet tooth!)

I read in a magazine that one mom bought a 25 piece puzzle and put the pieces in eggs.  After the hunt the kids had another activity - to work the puzzle.

What else could I put in the eggs?

It's Real Food Wednesday. See what others have shared.


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  1. Stickers are always fun! You could also make homemade treats (cookies, cupcakes, etc.) and then decorate coupons or "gift certificates" that the kids could use for them.

  2. You could cut up sheets of stickers or get some of those foam stickers. For bigger kids you could do marbles. My kids love marbles. :)

  3. Found your post through Real Food Wednesday, and I'm really interested to see what others have to say! Last year, we put matchbox cars and little boxes of raisins in our easter eggs. I like the idea of change, and the puzzle idea sounds like it could be really cool!

  4. Great idea with the change! I might have to do that in our Eggs too! We're hosting a small get together and I think that'd be fun =)

  5. I put change in the eggs. A quarter, a dime. I also go to Whole Foods or Trader Joe's and buy natural candy. I am not against candy as much as I am against the garbage that's in most candy.



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