May 8, 2012

From the Dentist Chair

I was a bit nervous when my semi-annual dental appointment rolled around this week.  My dental history has been speckled with sticky probes in the crevasses of my teeth.  However, I'm glad to announce that I was cavity-free!

It has been almost four years since I've had a cavity.

Driving home from the dentist's office, I began to think about these last four years and how my life has changed.

- It started with the nourishing food that went into my body.

- Counterintuitively, I stopped using fluorinated toothpaste or drinking fluorinated water.  Please do your own research on fluoride.  You can start with Erin's post on the dangers of fluoride.  (And I'm not so proud to report that I floss my teeth less than once a week; usually brush just once a day. *gasp* - don't tell the dentist!)

- Being consistent taking my fermented cod liver oil.

- Probably the biggest contributing factor to zero cavities has been the major reduction of sugar in our home.

The dentist even commented as I was leaving, saying, "This isn't par for the course for you!  It used to be you had a lot of cavities."

I smiled.  A cavity-free smile.


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