Dec 5, 2011

Making Treats

While most people this time of year are in the kitchen, they're not doing what we did today.  I joined Wendy and Coplea Donley at their house and made lacto-fermented radish relish.  Good times!

If you like sauerkraut in any way - try the radish relish.  It is yummy!  Lots of my (skeptical) friends have tried it and like it.  I gave some to a friend, who let her children try it on salad.  She sent this email to me:

I also wanted to tell you that all 3 of my kids liked the radish relish.  They ate it on salad at lunch today.  One daughter  said, "This salad is the best ever!" and the baby kept asking for "more carrots."  :)  I'm sold!


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1 comment:

  1. Fun! I just took a fermenting class yesterday and have my first kombucha brewing and a few jars of fruits and veggies going, too! I couldn't believe how much I liked the sauerkraut!



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