Dec 13, 2012

Party Food for Real Food Lovers

My husband was slated to bring "a salad" type of hor d'ourve to his daytime office party.  Being that I am GREAT with child and don't wanna be standing in the kitchen, I made a super easy appetizer for him to take: olives.

They're red and green, festive right?  Those colors are for the season...right?

And because I was feeling all Martha Stewart-ish, I decided to arrange them all fancy and in a spiffy Pyrex dish.  Just kidding.
 These would have been cuter but a bit more time consuming.

If you're going to a more intimate party and are willing to spend a bit more for appetizers, or just want to impress, salmon roe is a tasty nutritious treat.  Below we ate Ikura from Vital Choice on a cracker with cream cheese and green onions.
Other types of caviar can be found at Whole Foods (Call ahead to check for availability; I wouldn't make a special trip because it is not always in stock.  Ask about it at the deli.)


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