Apr 13, 2013

Governor Beebe Signs Raw Milk Bill

A big shout out goes to Representative Randy Alexander!  Thanks in part to his courage and perseverance, the raw milk bill has been signed by Arkansas Governor Beebe.  Thanks also goes to every person who contacted their legislator(s) on behalf of food freedom.  The details of the bill can be read here.

So when does the sale of fresh milk become legal?

A friend of mine explained:
...all enacted legislation takes effect (in Arkansas) 90 days following the adjournment of the session. As I understand the session ends on April 19th. If I am counting correctly, that would mean farm fresh milk prohibition officially ends July 18, 2013.
Anyone a friend of the Arkansas Raw Milk Facebook Page may continue to find ongoing information and resource there. 

PS - if you wonder what all the fuss is about raw milk and why it is so wonderful, go here.

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