Apr 8, 2013

Status on Raw Milk Bill - Please Take Action

On Saturday, food freedom took another step forward.  HB 1536 was passed in the House!

The bill may be heard tomorrow (Tuesday) in the Senate Agriculture Committee.  There are 8 committee members and we need a YEA vote from 5 to get out of this committee.

Please contact these senators.  Phone calls are most effective with this short of time, but emails are good too.

1. Bruce Holland - There are conflicting reports on his allegiance.  He has said he will be in support of the bill to a constituent, however, he has close ties with Farm Bureau (which is in opposition of the bill).

Phone 479-996-0977
Email Bruce.Holland@senate.ar.gov

2. Bruce Maloch (pronounced MAL-ick)
Phone 501.682.2902 - the senate switchboard just ask to leave a message for him
Email bruce.maloch@senate.ar.gov

3. David Wyatt
Phone 870-613-3014
Email David.Wyatt@senate.ar.gov

4. David Sanders
Phone 501-682-6107 - the senate switchboard just ask to leave a message for him
Email davidjamessanders@gmail.com

5. Stephanie Flowers
Phone 870-535-1032
Email Stephanie.Flowers@senate.ar.gov

6. Jonathan Dismang
Phone 501-766-8220
Email dismang28@gmail.com

7. Ronald Caldwell
Phone 501-682-6107
Email ronald.caldwell@Senate.ar.gov

8. Alan Clark
Phone 501-262-3360
Email alan.clark@senate.ar.gov

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