Apr 5, 2013

Urgent: House to Hear "Raw Milk" Bill Tomorrow

Today the House Agriculture Committee passed House Bill 1536 in favor of on-farm sales of raw milk in Arkansas. That's great news! But our work is not done yet. Now it goes before the entire House tomorrow (Saturday)!! So, NOW is the time to contact your respective Representatives! This is for all of Arkansas, so please spread the word.

The complete alphabetical list with contact information can be found here:


If you are not sure who your Representative is, go here and enter your home address:


Please let him/her know you support what should be our constitutional right already--the freedom to eat or drink what we want and to purchase it from whom we want.

Don't forget to identify the bill as HB 1536 when corresponding with your Representative.

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1 comment:

  1. Just enjoyed a glass of raw milk in my current state of Pennsylvania. However, when I move to Ohio in two months, I'll no longer have easy access to it.



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