May 22, 2013

Baked Beans:: Without Corn Syrup

A friend of mine is very sensitive to corn syrup.  So sensitive in fact that he throws up if he eats it.  (Making someone sick is not something I want to be accused of at a picnic!)

The ideal thing to do would be to make the beans totally from scratch.  Well...keepin' in real here - I don't make everything from scratch.  *shock, I know*

I had been slated to bring baked beans to a picnic and was given strict instructions to double check the ingredients so that this friend would not throw up.  A specific brand of pork and beans was even suggested.

Doing my duty, checking the back of said brand, low and behold, high fructose corn syrup was an ingredient!  I called my friend and said, "The brand you suggested has corn syrup."

What?  They didn't the last time I bought them.

So I started reading the backs of all the cans.  Showboat brand was the only one I found that day that didn't have corn syrup in them.

It was the brand I bought that day and continue to buy (at Kroger).  When I make baked beans now, I use this easy homemade BBQ sauce, some bacon and sauteed onions and green peppers.  Almost always every last bean is eaten when I take them somewhere.  Probably the only person that knows corn syrup is NOT in them is my friend who doesn't throw up.


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