Aug 19, 2013

Baby's First Food: Egg Yolk at 7 Months

This week my baby turned seven months old.  For the last month I have tried to feed him avocado but with every spoonful he has spit it out.  The last two days he has eaten hard boiled egg yolk with a spoonful of chicken broth and a dash of sea salt.
Pastured egg yolks are packed with vitamins and minerals along with brain nourishing, hormone balancing fat.  Chicken broth is gentle, soothing even, to the digestive system.  Because we suffered through 3 months of colic, I am loosely following the GAPS diet for babies and holding off giving him simple sugars (grains or fruits).  No one knows exactly what causes colic but just in case his gut has been compromised, I want to be vigilant to feed him foods that heal.
Commercial baby foods are sold in "stages" - this basically means how chunky or watery the baby food is.  Instead of adding water to make the yolk easier to manage, I have added gelatinous chicken broth.


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