Aug 1, 2013

Spoils of Summer - Visit the Farmers Market

cucumber from Kellogg Valley Farms
What's your favorite spoil of summer?

In Arkansas, we have quite the lot from which to choose.  There's really no comparing a sun-ripened tomato to its grocery store counterpart.  Or peaches so flavorful and juicy that you have to wipe your chin after each bite.  Maybe you wait all year long to score fresh okra.

In this week's FarmShare basket was the best tasting cucumber I've ever put in my mouth.  I didn't know cucumbers could be that yummy.  Summer is the season for culinary greatness.

Whatever pleases your palate, be sure to make time for the farmers market this weekend.  Summer doesn't last forever.


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  1. Julie, how do you sign up for FarmShare?

    1. Tricia - contact Katie about meat/eggs: katie AT or contact Eddie about veggies: kelloggfarms AT The weekly pick up is near my house (Rodney Parham & 430) Or, talk to them at the Argenta Market on Saturday mornings.



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