Aug 21, 2013

Pickled Peppers {Lacto-Fermented for Probiotics}

Last weekend at the Argenta Farmers Market in North Little Rock I found some "not hot" jalapeno peppers (from Kellogg Valley Farm) to lacto-ferment.  Recipe here.   To keep the pepper rings submerged I criss-crossed carrot spears, pictured below.
This is a sneaky way to add probiotics to salsa (or anything else!) without it tasting overly "fermented."  And food preservation doesn't get much easier than this.  True to their name, the jalapenos were not hot.  I don't care for super spicy foods yet I could eat these off a spoon.
One other idea I wanted to share with you comes from lacto-fermenting queen, Diane Loftness.  Instead of painstakingly slicing banana peppers into rings, she plopped them in a food processor.  Not only is this faster but more peppers get in the jar = space saver.  Genius.  Recipe here.


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