Sep 4, 2013

Lacto-fermenting {Probiotics} Workshop

You are invited to a workshop on making probiotic foods for your family on Saturday, September 21st from 9-11 am.  This is an opportunity taste a variety of lacto-fermented foods and to learn to economically add probiotic, nutrient-dense food to your diet, as well as asking questions regarding traditional foods.

We will be making lacto-fermented condiments like mayonnaise, ketchup, and sauerkraut, as well as making kombucha, and water kefir.  Because water kefir is growing in its popularity and people on a dairy-free diet can benefit from this drink, we will have different flavors of water kefir to sample that taste kind of like KeVita.

You will go home armed with both a kombucha SCOBY and water kefir grains, new friends in the real food journey, and confident to start making your own probiotics.

The teacher is my good friend, Diane Loftness.  She has a wealth of knowledge of real food and healthy living.  Growing up on a farm in Kansas, she has been eating and preparing traditional foods her entire life.  Within recent years she and her family have been eating grain free and experienced healing from eating according to the GAPS diet.

This workshop will be in Diane's home near Conway.  There will be a limit of 15 participants. Cost is $25, non-refundable, in advance to hold your spot.  Please email Diane soon if you would like to participate; the last workshop she hosted sold out.

Diane Loftness - dloftness AT 

EDIT 09/04/13 - The class is now full.  Email Diane to be placed on the waiting list.
EDIT 09/11/13 - Diane has opened another class from 1-3pm on Sept. 21.  Email her to reserve your spot.

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