Sep 29, 2013

My Favorites

Over three years ago, friends and I met to talk about real food and educating people.  From that picnic table, this blog was born.  Admittedly, some posts are worse than others.  Additionally, worthy words have fallen through the proverbial cracks.

I wanted to make you aware of links I've added in the right column:  my all time favorite posts on this blog.

You'll discover ways to save cash by ordering through Azure Standard (Oct. 9 is this month's ordering deadline) or learn key words to look for when buying fish.

Maybe you're new to the real food scene and need confidence in cooking a chicken...with bones.  Quite possibly your man needs a bit of encouragement to jump on the real food band wagon (that one was written by my hubby to women everywhere.) 

Are you paying too much for dead milk?  Read the difference between pasteurized and ultra-pasteurized milk.

Probably the easiest baby step, and doesn't add much to the food budget, is to buy pastured eggs.  This post attempts to convince you to pay more for nutrient dense eggs.

Recently, I made a tab across the top of the blog called "Favorite Recipes."  Go there to find most recipes you've seen here.

Are there other posts that are your favorites?

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