Oct 2, 2013

Free Webinar for Rhythmic Movement & Reflex Integration

Free Webinar!  Thursday, October 3, 2013, 9pm Central Time

Learn how Rhythmic Movement and Reflex Integration 'wake up the brain' and why these movements are key for sensory processing, learning, and optimal brain function.

Reflex integration has been proven effective by research and clinical evidence. Read this brief article about the importance of neurodevelopmental movement for learning and see more research references.

You are invited to a free, 60 minute webinar introducing Rhythmic Movement Training™ and why it works to promote better physical, emotional, social, and learning skills.

Rhythmic Movement Training™ (RMT) was developed by Harald Blomberg, MD and Moira Dempsey, co-authors of the book, Movements That Heal.

RMT is a system of gentle rhythmic movements and reflex integration activities for developing brain maturity that leads to a variety of skills such as: emotional regulation, speech, learning ability, strength, stamina, coordination and sensory integration.

Come and discover why so many OTs, PTs, parents, educators, and counselors are excited about the outstanding results they are seeing for children with challenges. The movement activities are excellent for teens and adults too.

October 3rd, 7 pm, Pacific Time (9pm Central Time)

Directions to access the webinar here.  You will be prompted for your name and email address.
The password is: RMT4BrainHealth  You will login with your email address and password.

For more information about the upcoming Rhythmic Movement Trainings go here and here.

--Lisa Lipe
Integrated Learning Connections

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