May 21, 2014

New *mid-week* Farmers Markets

Sunny Days Produce 
Tuesdays 4-7pm there's a farmers market in the Heights sponsored by Westover Presbyterian Church on Kavanaugh.  It's about 5 blocks west of the University and Kavanaugh intersection.

Thursdays 4-7pm on Markham St, across from Chips BBQ, you'll find another market sponsored by Faith United Methodist Church.

You'll find some of the same growers and vendors at these markets - some include:

Freckle Face Farm (meat)
North Pulaski Farms (organic veg)Sunny Days Produce
Tasty Acres veg
Barnhill Orchard
Geek Eats hummus (have y'all tried the cilantro almond yet?)
Pratt Family salsa
Urban Art

If you find yourself in these areas PLEASE stop by and support our local growers.


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1 comment:

  1. Also at the mid-week markets: Ethan's Heirloom Gardens, Katie Connally Confections and Gromo's Garden Artisan Foods! Wonderful products!



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