May 31, 2014

What I Buy from Azure Standard

Azure Standard is an on-line store where you can purchase most everything that you could get at Whole Foods and usually cheaper.  Your order is delivered, once a month, by semi-truck - details here.  The next ordering deadline is Wednesday, June 4 at 6pm CST.  Delivery is the following week.

People often ask me what I buy from Azure Standard.  Here is a list I've put together.  If I buy something once, I flag it as a favorite in my account so I can remember what I've purchased in the past.  Thanks also to Erin, who shared with me what she frequently buys.

oranges - split a 20 lb box w a friend when in season
extruded dates - 10lbs/month.  (Use them like raisins in many instances, and easier for babies to digest - cheaper by 50% than Whole Foods bulk section).

organic raisins
organic white potatoes
organic carrots
organic garlic
frozen organic blueberries
frozen peas & green beans
apples - 20 lbs every month until they're out of season. I've had mostly good luck buying the "juice" apples.  They aren't pretty but usually are fine for eating, dehydrating or pie making.  

raw cheese - 5 lb blocks
feta cheese - 4lb tub
pastured butter, when on sale
Nancy's sour cream - it's cultured (probiotics), yummo, and can't buy it at my Whole Foods

Dry Goods
organic rolled oats - 25 lbs/ every other month
sucanat (unrefined sugar) - 25lb bag, usually split with a friend
organic wheat berries - 25 lbs of hard and soft
organic popcorn - 5 lbs
organic peanut butter - (salted, creamy)
organic rice - 5lbs, white and brown
vanilla beans for making vanilla
spices (they are not irradiated)
     - cumin, cinnamon, curry, garlic & chili powder
shredded coconut - 5lbs
dried beans - 5 lb 
     - black, red, kidney, pinto, garbanzo
lentils - green or red
     - almonds, pecans, raw walnuts (to soak then dehydrate them)
gluten-free mixes
organic bittersweet chocolate chips (dairy-, soy- & gluten-free)

sprouted tortillas, burrito size
Bubbies brand ferments, cheapest in bulk 
canning jars and plastic lids
gamma seal lids and 5 gallon buckets to store bulk grains

Remember the next ordering deadline for central Arkansas is Wednesday, June 4 at 6pm CST.  Details are here for first-timers.

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