Jun 20, 2014

Dempsey Bakery

This is me with Paula Dempsey.  She's the mastermind behind the famed gluten-free bakery here in town.  I met her the first time tonight and just love her.  I could have talked with her all night.

She told me a story about a little boy coming into the bakery.  The boy had such severe reactions to peanuts that he had to have a service dog with him at all times (to sniff out peanut particles even in the air.)  He came over to her with big tears in his eyes and said, "Thank you for having a bakery where I can eat a cupcake." **sniff!!**  I was crying as she told me the story.  She said, "Every child should get to eat a cupcake."  And that is one reason Dempsey Bakery exists.

From the Dempsey Bakery website:
In 2008 the first member of the Dempsey family was diagnosed with health issues that required a Gluten-Free diet. We learned it was a genetic disorder, and one-by-one three generations of Dempseys discovered that although they had different symptoms, the common denominator was gluten. 
Not wanting to face a lifetime loss of pretty birthday cakes and special treats for the grandchildren, Paula Dempsey put her considerable energy to work on her dream - finding a Gluten-Free baker and starting a bakery that serves her family and yours.
Here are some pictures of her family:

And would you believe the bakery has support FUN groups for kids?
Because I don't have to eat gluten-free, I've not sought out this bakery in their 2.5 year existence.  And because it is a bakery, I didn't realize they also serve lunch.  (Have I just been living under a rock?  Don't answer that.)

Let me just tell y'all - their stuff is YUMMY.  Like, really good.  Go visit.  Taste for yourself.

I was over-the-moon impressed when Paula told me that not only do they bake without gluten, but also without soy or nuts.  Impressive.  Or maybe I should say, "that's nuts!"

Go and taste some of their goods at the Gluten & Allergen Free Event (Saturday 10am-3pm) or find them downtown Tuesday through Saturdays at 4th and Cross Street.


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