Jun 9, 2014

On Vaccines and the AutismOne Conference

This post is written by a guest blogger, Connie Newcome.  I met Connie about seven years ago when I lived in Arizona - her daughter and I are good friends.  Connie has dedicated most of her adult life to teaching others and helping them use  natural remedies and herbs to heal their bodies.  As a result of her years of research, she is very passionate about vaccine awareness.  She sent the following in an email.  With her permission it is re-published here.  -- Julie
A couple weeks ago I went to the AutismOne conference in Chicago and I feel some of my impressions and the things I learned are important so I wanted to share them. I think this conference has been held annually for at least 10 years now.

One important thing: It is expected 1 out of 2 babies will be on the autism spectrum by 2025...that is 11 years from now. Did you get that? ONE out of TWO...that is 50% of the population.

The mood was upbeat as many of these 1000 plus parents are FB friends and coming back every year to the conference allows them to connect again. Plus they are hoping for more answers for their damaged kids.

Down's Syndrome, Lymes, Hashimoto's and other illnesses that can be linked to neurological issues were also on the table for discussion...autism is only part of the spectrum of problems kids are having these days.  Forced vaccinations for health care workers was also a current concern.

I did not feel upbeat. I thought to myself that this conference should never need to happen. Children should not be this sick.

You would not find any mothers there who would vaccinate again. These are the ones who learned the hard way. This was not about statistics, but real live people who know the facts regardless of the media propaganda.

There were MANY speakers including medical doctors, authors, chemists, homeopaths, cranial sacral therapists.. ....many PhD's and other fancy titles.

Dr. Rashid Buttar who wrote the book "Nine Steps to Keep the Doctor Away" was one featured speaker. He has worked successfully with many autistic kids. His main theme was "toxicity." His own son became autistic after vaccinations which put him on a course for figuring out how to heal his son. His son is perfectly normal now. I think he is 16.

Dr. Buttar said that these kids are non-excreters, thus when a saliva or urine test (and maybe others) is done they do not show mercury or other heavy metals. But once the treatment begins the levels of these heavy metals are very high. 

He said the immune system is developing for at least a year after a baby is born. Mother's milk is an important contributor. Vaccines are immunosuppressive and thus given before a year they make no sense and are very risky.

If you go to VaxTruth.org you will note that JUST the Hepatitis B shot will give a child 14 times more aluminum than is considered safe for a baby. That is only the aluminum....vaccines contain many more toxic ingredients than aluminum.

Marcella is the lady behind the site, VaxTruth.org. She is taking a lot of leadership to be sure that there is a huge pushback against vaccines. More could be said but you can visit her site. She has even walked around with sandwich boards on busy street corners to proclaim the truth that your child does not need shots to get into school.

It was well known at this conference that some vaccines are made using aborted fetal tissue. I know there are people who refuse to accept this as truth, but you can google this easily and see the facts even by the agencies who believe in vaccines. 

Dr. Mayer Eisenstein was one of my favorite speakers. Dr. Eisenstein is a medical doctor who has practiced medicine for over 40 years. He was a protege of Dr. Mendelssohn, the doctor who wrote "Confessions of a Medical Heretic." That book forever changed my mind about medicine and doctors. 

Get this: Dr. Eisenstein's patient population of 50,000 plus over the years is mostly minimally or totally unvaccinated. In this group there is virtually no autism, no respiratory illness,  diabetes, asthma, allergies. Last winter he had 4 ear infections out of 6,000 clients...this is in Chicago where it is cold, wet and miserable in the winter.  Dr. Eisenstein said that anti-virals, antibiotics and vaccines have NO PLACE IN MEDICINE! He insisted that pediatricians are  the arch enemy of the child.    

Dr. Eisenstein has a degree in law as well as in medicine and he and his partner specialize in writing vaccine waivers. West Virginia and Mississippi do not allow for vaccine exemptions. If you live there you may want to move!!!!

The herd immunity was thrown out. The so called immunity from vaccines wears off. That means a huge segment of the population...adults...are unprotected.

Another idea I liked was that you cannot force an adult to take a medication for something that he definitely has such as schizophrenia. But with children you are forcing them to be part of a medical experiment for something they do not have!

Vaccines are a HOT BUTTON topic...people are very opinionated on both sides of the argument. If you read anything on the internet you will find this out quickly!

Another thought...read the package insert that comes with vaccines. NO ONE reads these. Tell your pro vaccination friends to insist on reading this before they vaccinate. Have them go to sites where they can read vaccine ingredients. Would you drink this in your drinking water?

We heard from Patricia Finn, a lawyer who is defending Mary Check against the state of New York. Mary was damaged by a vaccine and now her mother and her doctor are both saying she cannot have more. The state of NY still insists she needs more vaccines. This goes to court the end of June. 

I kept thinking of the mothers weeping in Ramah...over the children they lost to King Herod who wanted to kill Jesus. The weeping continues to this day as our children are sacrificable for the sake of corruption, coercion, ignorance, power, greed, misinformation, and money. God loves children...after all they were His idea. Learn, become informed and do what you can to protect yours!!   

Yours for a healthier life and day! 
Connie Newcome
Inman, Kansas


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