Dec 3, 2014

Resources for Gut Healing

Increasingly I talk to more and more people who are taking health into their own hands, specifically making huge changes in diet.  And seeing results.

This thrills my soul!  But it can be overwhelming, can't it?

One of my family members has had mystery symptoms for an extended period time.  We have tried countless remedies as well as ruled out many things.

Crazy enough, one of the last things we implemented was removing gluten.  It wasn't as difficult as I had anticipated because I cook so much from scratch and making bread isn't in my routine.

Gluten wasn't the culprit.  Oh, I think removing it from the diet was a good move --at least for a season while we focus on healing the gut.  That family member has been gluten free for about 5 months with plans to go a year without gluten.

{side note:: Even if you are not gluten sensitive, if you are eating grains (primarily wheat) that isn't prepared properly (soaked or sprouted) it is hard on your digestive system.  Not to mention that you will not absorb the nutrients as well if you forgo proper preparation. :: end side note.}

Always looking to learn more, once we started the "gluten-free journey" I decided to borrow a copy of a friend's copy of The GAPS Diet.  Simultaneously, another friend told me that when she was researching GAPS she bought this ebook which spelled out the first 30 days on the healing diet.  I bought the ebook and it was helpful.

Here's a post that has several links to stories of people on the GAPS diet.

Some friends of mine have been following a Paleo diet (basically eating meat, fruit and veggies, eggs, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils but no grains, dairy, or refined sugar) and have found healing from eating that way.  Paleo and GAPS are somewhat similar (GAPS is a bit more complicated intentional about adding new foods to your diet.)  A couple of distinctives of the GAPS diet is copious amounts of bone broth and fermented vegetables.

{another side note:: If you're interested, here is a comparison of Paleo versus a traditional diet compiled by the president of the Weston Price Foundation.  The Paleo Mom wrote a rebuttal here.  I love freedom of press!! :: end side note.}

Other friends, who struggle with leaky-gut or autoimmune health issues are following the autoimmune protocol.  This diet, referred to as AIP, is similar to the Paleo diet mentioned above but is more restrictive.  AIP also removes nuts, seeds, eggs, beans, and nightshades which are tomatoes and peppers among others.

A new-to-me blog is The Paleo Mom and it is very helpful in sorting all of this out.  She holds a PhD and is now a mom who blogs and cooks and writes about science-y things in a language I understand and cooks some more.  Recently I gushed about recipes I've tried from her blog.

Another yummy paleo recipe blog is PaleOMG. (Note: her language may be offensive to some.)

Our gut-healing journey has included lots (daily) of gelatinous bone broth and fermented vegetables.  We have restricted grains, sugar in most forms, and for a season dairy.

I think it is helpful to underscore that we are created uniquely.  Each person has a distinct genetic makeup and cultural background.  Listen to your body.  Do your own research.  Ask lots of questions.  Listen to your body.  Think.  Ask more questions.  Keep a journal of what you eat and how you feel.  And listen to your body.  The body wants to heal itself given the right tools and deprived of toxic junk.

What resources have been helpful for you?

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