Feb 6, 2015

Restaurant Recommendation:: Table 28

I think I tasted a bit of heaven.

The next time you want to take you special someone out for delicious food, let me recommend Table 28.  My husband and I went recently and it was hands down the best food we have eaten in a long time.

Below is a picture of my first course: bone marrow.  Divine, I tell you.  Words cannot describe.
Once home, I started texting all my foodie friends and telling them they had to make plans ASAP to go, if they haven't already experienced Table 28.

On Instagram, I posted:

Went on a hottt date with my man tonight at Table 28 - we ate the most amazing food.  The lighting was dark, I mean, romantic so my food pictures are less than stellar.  If you like seriously delicious cuisine, check it out.  We wanted to try many different things so we ate mostly from the "small" plate (appetizers).  Pictured is bone marrow with a house made pepper sauce and Rock Town whisky glaze (it was heavenly!).  I also had melt-in-my-mouth foie gras that didn't have a hint of liver.  We shared a side of the most incredible Brussel sprouts, made with smoked bacon and pecans.  I could have eaten my weight in that stuff.  John had a side of olives (he loves them) then a fancy kale salad heavy with Parmesan and their popular quail lollipops (think boneless buffalo wings on a stick).  I think I've run out of adjectives to describe the loveliness.

Often when we eat out I am disappointed, knowing I can create better tasting and more nutritious food at home.  We would go back next week if we could afford it.  John agreed that this is the best food we have eaten in a restaurant.  Save up and go, people!


PS - I'm not the only one who thinks this is a fab restaurant.  Steve, of Little Rock Foodcast, said Chef Scott Rains from Table 28 was the best of the year.  Read his review here.

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  1. Sounds wonderful! We will have to try this when we get to LR. Our usual "fancy" date is The Butcher Shop (delicious filet), but maybe we'll have to break from tradition and try this new place. Curious...what is the price range?

  2. Lindsay, I can't remember exactly, but I think we paid $90 (which included tip).



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