Aug 5, 2016

Healing the Body Naturally

The following showed up in a private group I follow on Facebook for people who want to heal their bodies naturally.  I asked the author for permission to post here.

Sometimes nothing is better than something. Did you ever think about that? When we get sick we always want to DO something...and that is a natural response. We are fixers. (Ah, yes, just ask your husband if you are a fixer??!!) 
So yesterday this gal texts me that she is coughing up green stuff. I cheered! This is so great! She said "This is what I used to run to the doctor for." 
I hope her doctor also cheers and says "keep coughing." He may not. Why would you want to stop that from coming out? 
In another instance a woman had a sick baby with a high fever. Should she give tylenol?
She chose to nurture the child, hold her close, keep her hydrated, give baths -- and not medicate. The child came out of the fever and has had a beautiful and amazing growth spurt. What would tylenol have done? It would have short circuited the system and not allowed the body to work out the problem or it could have lengthened the time it took to get the issue resolved. 
People sometimes say, "How long should I cough; how long should I let a fever go; how high should the temp. go?" 
I ask, "How do I know what the body needs to do or high it needs to be to resolve the issue? Are there risks?" Yes, it would be foolish to say there are never risks. Life is about risks. You want to minimize them. There are safe things you can do to assist the body. Learn about them. 
There are baths, cool cloths, herbs, rest, liquids, oils, and all kinds of possibilities. But sometimes there really isn't too much or just a little of something goes a long way. 
And then there is patience....

Please educate yourself on natural remedies!  Sometimes when I am sick and it is impossible to think about what I should do, I text natural minded friends.  I tell them my symptoms and ask them to help me remember what I should do.  And then there is always Google.

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  1. Good reminder. It's so tempting to just reach for the meds, just to "make it better". Not always the best though.

  2. It is not nearly as tempting once you understand what they do!!

  3. Yes! I have been learning that sometimes we should leave our body alone to do what it was made for!



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