Aug 3, 2016

This Post Contains Controversial Information

Besides politics and religion, I can think of few other topics quite as divisive as vaccinations.

When pregnant with my first son, a naturally minded acquaintance implored me not to vaccinate.  This was the time of dial-up internet and I was too lazy to go to the library to search for myself.  In the end, I decided to vaccinate and we have had no ill-effects from the shots.

When my son turned two, we were living in Phoenix, Arizona where many of my friends were naturally minded and I was learning so much about healthy living.  I began to do more research.  The more I researched, the more uneasy I felt about vaccines.  We stopped vaccinating him at 2 years old.

My daughter was born 5 years after my son.  At this point I had read enough to feel strongly against vaccines.  We also have a younger son and have not vaccinated him.   Here are some of my reasons not to vaccinate.

On this journey I have had many controversial conversations.

If you haven't thought the least bit about vaccines, maybe you could start by watching a movie.

There's a new movie that shares the details of how former researcher with Center for Disease Control (CDC) and now whistle-blower, Dr. William Thompson, destroyed and omitted important information regarding autism links and the MMR vaccine.  The movie is called Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.  Below is the trailer or you can watch it here.

You can see the movie in North Little Rock next Monday at 7:30pm.  Buy tickets on line here.  I dare you to go.  And beg your pediatrician to meet you there.

Consider what you learn then learn some more.

Another movie that exposed life changing damages from vaccines is called The Greater Good.  I saw it a couple years ago at Wise Traditions, the Weston A. Price national conference.  You can't watch the documentary and think the same about vaccines.

Educate before you vaccinate.
Vaccines are not mandatory though you may feel bullied.
Vaccines and the AutismOne Conference


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  1. Thanks for the heads up Julie. I had no idea it was being screened here! - Tori S



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