Nov 21, 2016

If you're buying sugar, here's a health tip

What's more fitting to follow up the post on nutrient dense breakfast ideas than to give you a tip on sugar? LOL.

It's holiday season and many memories revolve around sugar.  So if you're going to buy sugar here's a tip: look for the words "cane sugar" on the package.

One of my friends who loves baking cakes actually clued me into the fact that not all white sugar is created equal.  If you talk to anyone who is serious about baking, they will probably tell you the same.

What's the difference?
White sugar can be made from sugar cane or sugar beets (not the same as the red beets some people pickle).  Interesting to note, the popularity of sugar beets increased after the civil war because slave labor was used in the production of cane sugar.  Abolitionists helped fund the research to increase the efficiency of sugar beets for white sugar (Wikipedia).

Bakers choose cane sugar because of the chemical properties and its performance.  I choose cane sugar because it is not a genetically modified organism, or GMO.

In 2011, 95% of all beet sugar produced in the US was from GMO sugar beets.  So, if you're buying sugar and you don't see the words cane sugar, you are adding GMOs to your body.

Genetically modified organisms are sprayed with a chemical called glyphosate (or commonly known as Monsanto's Round-up) to control weeds. This glyphosate is toxic and wreaks havoc on the gut and is terrible for your health.

So if you're not in the habit of purchasing organic sugar (which by definition will not be made from GMOs), please look for the words cane sugar.  Your body will thank you.

Cheering you towards baby steps of better health,

If you're wondering what other GMOs you could be consuming, here's a list of the top 10.

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