May 31, 2011

Batch Cooking Here We Come!

blender pancakes ready to soak overnight
HB and I (Julie) are going to attempt a marathon day in the kitchen.  We both love our families and want to cook nutritious food - but sometimes making real food takes time.  In one afternoon, we hope to knock out several meals and fill our freezers!  By doing this, we'll be able to spend plenty of time with our families at the pool - instead of the kitchen.

HB has written before that she loves when her children help in the kitchen.  In that same post she wrote: I have a strict "no cussing in the kitchen" policy at my house. If we're in the kitchen, and you're gonna make me cuss, then you gotta get out.

We are cooking at my house, and because I don't want to hear HB cuss, we've hired babysitters.  The children will not be here. :)

A few days ago, we agreed on recipes that both families loved.  Earlier today HB tallied our needed quantities from recipes then took her three precious children with her on a major grocery run.  What a woman!

Tonight, I made a triple batch of blender pancakes to soak.  Already soaking are garbanzo beans for falafel.  Collectively, we've roasted 7 chickens (made gallons of broth!) with aspirations of making chicken pot pie and chicken a la king as well as chicken enchiladas.  Tomorrow one of us will pan fry about 4 pounds of ground beef for beef enchiladas. **Shh!! don't tell our families - we're going to sneak in some liver.  Kelly the Kitchen Kop gave us the courage after she added it to jalapeno poppers.**

Stay tuned.  I will try to post our progress as we go.


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  1. awesome. I have done this in the past, and it was such a cinch to heat up dinner. Once, I did a huge batch of mashed potatoes and separated it up.

  2. I have completely run my freezer bare of my batch cooking adventures. Since it's raining AGAIN today, perhaps I'll take a page from your book and get it built back up.



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