Nov 28, 2010

Baby's First Food: Coconut Milk

One of the main components of coconut milk is a medium chained fatty acid, which is also true of breast milk. This makes coconut milk an easily digested first food. Babies and children need lots and lots of healthy, saturated fats for their rapidly growing brains.

I scooped out the creamiest (solid) from the top of the can and gave Caroline (almost 7 months) about a teaspoon, a bit at a time.

She loved it!!

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  1. Thank you SO much for this idea. Any chance you will be posting more often about baby food? Or maybe share some Linky Love? :)

  2. Kiara - good idea. It all know how time is a premium when you're a momma of littles. :) Send me any links you find that I should share.

  3. Just thought you would want to know...most canned goods including Thai Kitchen Coconut milk have BPA in the cans...I called the company, to be sure. You can order Native Forest Coconut milk on Amazon by the case and it is cheaper, organic and free shipping and cans are BPA free! Olivia



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