Nov 1, 2010

Weston A. Price Foundation Little Rock Chapter Meeting

Monday, November 15th from 6:30 to 7:30ish

Redeemer Community Church
(Located in Ashley Square Shopping Center at Reservoir and N. Rodney Parham. 2nd floor - above the Revenue Office)

Want to know more about Real Food? Where to get it? How to fix it? How to plan meals? How to shop economically for a family or for one? What steps to take next?

Come with your questions and participate in a discussion with your local WAPF “experts.” (Well, maybe “experts” is a bit of a stretch, but what we lack in expertise, we make up for in enthusiasm!)

You’ll get the opportunity to ask your questions to 3 women in various seasons and situations of life. Our discussion panel will be made up of:

WAPF Little Rock Chapter Leader Lisa Lipe - wife and mother of teens

Julie Majors, wife and homeschooling mother of young children

Former WAPF Little Rock Chapter Leader, Rita O’Kelley – single, full-time career woman who frequently cooks for 1…but is ready for ‘who’s coming to dinner’

Please join us!

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