May 2, 2011

Baby's First Foods: Almost One Year

In less than a week, she will be a year old.  I can hardly believe it.

Last week she let it be known that she wanted to feed herself!  So here's a list of what she's eating:

finger foods
- steamed carrots
- frozen peas, thawed (super easy snack)
- chunks of bananas and roasted sweet potatoes
- caramelized onions
- bits of pastured chicken
- pastured egg yolk
- raw cheese
- strawberries

Her favorites?  Big people food.

- raw milk, learning to drink from a cup
- soaked whole wheat bread with lots of butter
- red beans and rice - loves this
- Indian Curry with soaked brown rice
- fish (cod) cakes with dill sauce
- quinoa, swiss chard, and feta
- ginger glazed mahi mahi
- innards from a beef and bean burrito
- almost anything the big people are eating.


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