Oct 10, 2011

80/20 Principle

A conversation with a friend today caused me to think of a first-century conversation between Roman ruler, Festus, and the Apostle Paul.

It is recorded that Festus said to Paul, "...your great learning is driving you out of your mind."

Sometimes I feel this way about real food.  It seems like the more I read and learn, the more I feel trapped about what I should and shouldn't eat.  Sometimes my learning about traditional foods drives me crazy.

When I start to feel discouraged, I remind myself to follow the eighty-twenty principle.

Never heard of it?

Simply it means that 80% of the time I do what I can to give my family nutrient dense foods.  The remaining 20% of the time I must remember that life happens.  The baby gets sick.  The laundry is encroaching on our living space.  Guests stay an extended period.  And life happens.

We are all given 24-hours in a day.  Do what you can to keep nourishing food on the table then relax.  Give yourself some grace.

Jesus himself said that "life is more than food."


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